If you are new to kayaking or have very little experience the club organises some training events or courses throughout the year to get you started and help you progress your paddling skills.

Our club night is basically our pool sessions. These are on Wednesday evenings from September to March in the form of general pool training and from March to September in the form of Canoe Polo. Come along and see what it’s all about! For the latest dates, please check our events calendar here.

Pool Training

These sessions are open to all;  members and non-members.

The Riverside pool in Nelson is hired by the Club and used for these sessions, which are currently on each Wednesday evening 7:30pm – 8.45pm during the season, which runs from September to the end of April with a break for Christmas & January. The pool training allows kayakers to learn and practice their skills or rolling techniques, for both white water and sea kayaking, in a warm safe environment with the instructor of their choice at each session.

The Club has volunteer mentors who can help with instructing rolling or general paddling techniques. If you would like to have instruction to help with your rolling please contact the pool training coordinator, so they can check what volunteers may be available to help.

The Club maintains a fleet of Polo kayaks at the pool together with all the necessary ancillary gear (paddles, PFDs, spraydecks, and helmets) and these are utilised to teach kayaking techniques especially rolling. Paddlers only need to bring their get-wet-in-gear and the rest is supplied being included in the pool fee charged. A polyprop top is recommended to keep warm in cooler periods.

Yes it’s OK to use sea kayaks or your own river kayak in the pool; just contact the pool training coordinator to let them know you wish to bring your sea kayak, it would get a bit of a squeeze if we got lots of sea kayaks all at once but we haven’t had a problem so far. Please ensure your kayak and gear is clean and free from sand, etc.

Costs are: (Cash please, we do not have an ATM nor EFPOS facility)

  • Members with no instruction provided: $5 (pool use fee)
  • Members with instruction provided $10 (pool use fee + instruction fee)
  • Non-members with no instruction provided $10 (pool use fee)
  • Non-members with instruction provided $20 (pool use fee + instruction fee)

For the pool training coordinator or further information contact pooltraining@nelsonkayakers.co.nz

Courses for Members:

Beginners Courses for Whitewater and Seakayaking

These courses are for people with no, or very little kayaking experience who wish to get involved with kayaking.  Participants will learn the basic skills required to control their kayak, be made aware of the hazards that exist and how to deal with them. They will gain knowledge about the equipment used. While we can’t teach you how to have fun, there will be heaps of chances to have a good time!  It involves:

  • Learning basic safety skills in the pool
  • Paddling techniques for flat water, moving water & river running skills, delivered by experienced instructors
  • Plus a further club trip with instructors, either sea kayaking or river kayaking.
  • Free use of Club hire equipment for 6 weeks from the first pool session

Beginner Courses 2023

White Water River Rescue

Provided by the New Zealand Kayak School (NZKS)

For those members paddling comfortably at grade 2+ we recommend attending a river rescue course. This is great way of furthering your knowledge and practical skills assisting you with your own paddling and to support those you paddle with. The NZKS offer two different levels of rescue course. As a club we try to arrange attending as a group; however we recognise that is not always possible. Check the NZKS website out for dates and further information.

Currently the club can claim $100 subsidy from WWNZ for this course for any member wishing to take one of these courses. For members who volunteer their time towards club activities the club will subsidise this further, up to 100% of the course costs. For our club instructors they are required to have current rescue skills, by attending a course every 3 years. If you are interested in attending one of these courses please contact the safety officer  first to ensure that subsidies are still available.

Members interested in this please register your interest with our Safety Officer; safety@nelsonkayakers.co.nz

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