The club committee contains representatives from all the disciplines and activities of the club. The committee members are available to answer your queries and help you get the most from the sport.

Name Function Email
Mary Caldwell President
Margot Syms Treasurer
Nancy Crawford Secretary
Margot Syms Membership Officer
Bevan Walker Vice Safety Officer
Chris Logan White water Officer
Steve Johnston Sea Kayak Officer
Symon Claridge Canoe Polo Officer
Marzi Vandermark Gear hire Officer
Bob Gordon Pool Session Coordinator
Diane Winter Newsletter Coordinator
Liz Wynne-Jones Conservation Coordinator
Vacant Training Coordinator
Margot Syms/Diane Winter Website Coordinator
Bob Gordon Maintenance Coordinator
Bevan Walker Librarian
Ang Nelson Committee Member 1
Linda McCutcheon Committee Member 2
Trevor James Committee Member 3

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