Public Talk – How Riverscapes and Landscapes Are Formed – 30 June

Public Talk – How Riverscapes and Landscapes Are Formed – 30 June

Type: General Event
Minimum Ability/Grade: Not Applicable
  7 pm
  Mary Caldwell
A photographic journey into landscapes and riverscapes:
How gravity, earthquakes, and periodic heavy rainfalls shape and constantly reshape rivers.

Richmond Library, Queen St Entrance, Thursday 30th June at 7 pm

About the speaker: Mike Harvey is well-known around the world for his knowledge of rivers and the lands they shape. This, combined with his love of rafting, means that he has a feast of photos to illustrate his story.
Mike has given much of his own time to help Tasman District Council and community groups understand their rivers so we can work with them better and cater for stream biodiversity, as well as the human needs to reduce erosion.
Mike grew up in Christchurch – BSc and MSc at Canterbury Univ., PhD in fluvial geomorphology from Colorado State Univ.
Spent the last 40 years as a rafter and engineering consultant trying to figure out how rivers function and how they respond to natural and man-made changes. Worked on ice-dominated rivers in Alaska and Canada; monsoon driven rivers of the tropics in India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea; tectonically affected rivers of Taiwan, Peru, Chile and California; volcanically disrupted rivers in the Philippines (Mt. Pinatubo eruption 1991) as well as in the States of Washington and Oregon (Mt. Saint Helens eruption 1980); and the snowmelt-dominated but monsoon controlled desert rivers of the southwestern USA.

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