Meet the People Nelson Jan18, 2020
This is a Kask initiative all about promoting safety and
good practise though skills and training. It is backed
and supported by the Safer Boating New Zealand part
of Maritime NZ

What is in the Program
The morning will be interactive sessions, the afternoon will be planning and going on a short
paddle with a skills clinic for those that want it.
The pace and depth covered on each topic will vary based on those in attendance.

Understanding boat characteristics, paddles, PPE, Accessories- personal and group gear,
Trip planning, Charts, Rules of the Road, Forecast- weather, tide and swell, VHF, PLB,
When it goes Wrong.
Who is it for?
All paddle craft users
All abilities
We are Sea Kayakers but most of the same principles are common to all paddle craft users.
What should I bring?
You will need all your usual paddle gear.
We will provide tea and coffee and you will need to bring some lunch.
What if I don’t have any gear?
If you are new or from out of town and don’t have gear, let me know and I will endeavour to
get things for you to use/try.
What does it cost?
All the event costs have been covered so there are no excuses! It is completely free for all.

Contact Steve Flack 027 5599 597