Kayaking Beginners Course – Starts 6 October

Kayaking Beginners Course – Starts 6 October

Type: Instructional Event
Minimum Ability/Grade: Beginners
  Vince Riepen 027 432 7440 training@nelsonkayakers.co.nz
Kayaking Beginners’ Course
Spring 2020

This course is for people with no, or very little kayaking experience who wish to get involved with kayaking. Based initially in a pool course moves to either a river environment with some white-water or the sea. Skills gained are transferable to all aspects of kayaking. Participants will learn the basic skills required to control their kayak, be made aware of the hazards that exist and how to deal with them. They will gain knowledge about the equipment used. While we can’t teach you how to have fun, there will be heaps of chances to have a good time! It involves:

• Learning basic safety skills in the pool
• Paddling techniques for flat water, moving water & river running skills, delivered by experienced instructors
• Plus a further club trip with instructors, either sea kayaking or river kayaking.

Course costs: over 18 years $300; under 18years $210;
Plus - Additional Cost - 1 year’s club membership fee
(Membership fees: Family $60, Adult/Senior $45, Student/Retired $30)

• Hire of kayaks for the duration of the course
• Entry to the pool which includes 3 free pool practice sessions during the course
• No equipment hire rates for 6 weeks after the course
• One year’s benefits of Club membership, e.g. gear hire at Club rates

After the course finishes there are several trips to gradually progress your paddling up the grades (to 3- or 3) and many sea kayaking trips, many of which are suitable for newcomers. Rolling sessions are offered on Wednesday evenings throughout the season. More information on courses, events and a whole lot more at www.nelsonkayakers.co.nz

We are now taking applications for this course

Course runs over the following dates:
• pool sessions on the Tuesday (6th) Thursday (8th) Wednesday 14th October
• calm water river session on the weekend of 17th & 18th October
• consolidating river trip 7th & 8th November or Thursday evening Tahuna Beach training

For more information and application forms
Contact Vince training@nelsonkayakers.co.nz

Closing date for applications: 23 September 2020



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